(A charitable trust of Indian journalists, activists, filmmakers and professionals committed for independent and objective journalism.)

The trust is managed by a group of professionals. Number of journalists, honest bureaucrats and activists in New Delhi and in other Indian states voluntarily support the activities of the trust. The trust raises those important issues in public interest, which are normally ignored by the mainstream media.

Objectives of the trust

  • To use media power as a watchdog.
  • To give unbiased investigative news and information.
  • To teach the techniques of investigative journalism.
  • To publish people's newspaper / magazine / or operate people's TV channel.
  • To combat communalism by promoting spiritualism for the advancement of mankind.
  • To provide a common platform to different political ideologies in the larger interest of society.
  • To help NGOs in highlighting their issues and in dealing with the Govt., media and the legal system.
  • To engage capable retired personals in constructive activities.
  • To provide a strong weapon to the entrepreneurs and business community to deal with the official harassment and exploitation.

Financial support
Financial support to KST comes in small quantities from various people from all over the country. Concerned citizens, lawyers, professionals, exporters, traders and owners of small industries, who are appreciative of these efforts contribute voluntarily to our trust.

It is with this background Kalchakra's team is able to do, what others couldn't during the past 50 years.

Kindly go through various sections of information on this web site. If you feel satisfied and value this commitment of ours and would like to join hands with us, we will welcome you in our extended team.

For further information, suggestions or comments please feel free to contact:

Mr. Rajneesh Kapur
Kalchakra Samachar Trust
C-6/28, Safdurjung Development Area,
New Delhi-110016, India
Phone : 91-11-2656-6800, FAX : 91-11- 2651-9080
e-mail : kalchakra@vsnl.com

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