Kalchakra's Print Journalism

Kalchakra's print journalism (need for a people's newspaper)

"A journalist should be like a rishi (sage). The ruler should be scared of his anger and should respect him for his purity. He should be a watch-dog of society." Vineet Narain (while addressing a huge public meeting at Puri (Orissa), Dated 1995 )

Kalchakra fortnightly newsmagazine
During the Hawala crusade (1993-96) and the crusade against the corrupt practices of the Chief Justice of India (2000 - 2001), we realized the limitations of the mainstream print media. Due to obvious reasons the media was reluctant to do proper and bold reporting. Barring a few most of the other newspapers and magazines were suppressing or distorting facts. To counter this dangerous silence, KST decided to bring out Kalchakra investigative fortnightly newspaper.

It was brought out in English and Hindi both. Due to financial crunch we could not continue this exercise. However, this attempt of the trust has earned laurels among the significant people in India. People in high circles often advise us to continue with this publication.

Need for Kalchakra's publications
With most of the media ventures falling prey to the market forces, there is a definite need for a bold media venture like Kalchakra to remain the conscience keeper of the nation. It has created a name for itself without having proper financial support. Once the uninterrupted financial support is guaranteed, there is no doubt that Kalchakra will emerge as a force to reckon with.

Objective of bringing this paper
  • To create fear in the heart of corrupt and immoral administrative machinery. To make them     realise that there is one media group, which is keeping a constant vigil upon them and cannot     be manipulated. This will ensure transparency and accountability.
  • To boost the morals of those individuals or institutions that are doing good work for the society,      so that others get inspired.
  • To provide a strong forum to those who feel helpless in dealing with the system.

Newspapers' co-operative (BH)
If ten to twenty people in small and medium towns decide to contribute per month Rs 1000/- only we will be able to run the show. Most of this money will remain in that town it self. Those interested in this proposal should write to us.

Target Readership of this paper (BH)
  • 4,000 ruling elite of the country right from the President of India to the district authorities and     Indian diplomats posted abroad.
  • 500 intellectuals, activists and celebrities.
  • 1,000 libraries of leading educational institutions.
  • 500 journalists of Indian and foreign media.
  • 1,000 professionals and corporate giants.
  • Unpredictable global readership among Indians and NRIs through the website.

Note : In addition to the above mailing list, efforts would also be made to develop regular network through our representatives in every town.

Editorial Format of the proposed paper - following areas will be covered:
  • Major Scams
  • Critical analysis of major judicial judgments having far reaching effects
  • Critical analysis of government policies
  • Reports from different states
  • The success stories of people, who are making a difference
  • Media watch
  • Spiritual issues
  • Health issues
  • Significant social issues
  • Environmental issues etc.
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