People's Vigilance Commission

A people's body to actively watch the functioning of constitutional machinery, promote clean and efficient administration and fight corruption at all levels.

The Need
No matter what the politicians claim, a loose configuration of several political parties cannot allow government to take a firm stand on any issue. Personal ambitions, regional compulsions, the fear of insecure political future and on top of that the never ending lust for more and more money will always dominate the politicians, participating in the so-called governance of the nation. We have seen three general elections after a dozen of them were booked in the Hawala Case in 1996. Governments may come and go but nothing substantial will happen to improve the infrastructure or to ensure civic services to the city dwellers. When all the pillars of democracy have been weakened considerably, there is nothing for the concerned citizens to fallback upon. Realising this grave situation Kalchakra Samachar Trust took the initiative of establishing a People's Vigilance Commission. Which came into existence on 10.1.99 after 22 very eminent activists, journalists, intellectuals, politicians, and bureaucrats and media persons conferred at the PHD Chamber House, New Delhi. Each one of the participants has a track record of combating corruption and misgovernance in his own way (see the list of members). Well-known police official, Mr. JF Ribeiro was unanimously nominated the Chairman of this commission and Mr. Vineet Narain (whose famous PIL let to the restructuring of CVC, CBI and DRI etc.) was nominated as its Hony. Secretary. The Commission is in the process of establishing state level Vigilance Commissions and People's Vigilance committees in every town. The entire effort will be apolitical, non-violent and voluntary.

The idea is to create pressure groups, which can exert sufficient pressure upon the administration to ensure accountability, transparency and efficiency.

Anybody who agrees with the objectives of the commission can become its member irrespective of his socio-economic or political background.

Three different tiers of the commission (i.e., City, State and National Level) will function in an autonomous manner focusing their energies concerning their area of operation to smoothen the upward and downward communication, a regular newsletter will be published. This will focus exclusively on issues concerning misgovernance.

Those interested in this exercise may write to the undersigned .

Rajneesh Kapur
C-6 / 28, SDA, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi - 110016
Telefax :(011)2651-9080,

Mr. J.F. Ribeiro, Ex-Director General of Police (Punjab), Ex- Police Commissioner Mumbai, Former Ambassador of India in Romania.

Mr. Vineet Narain , (Editor, Kalchakra Investigative News), whose Jain Hawala crusade led to the charge-sheeting of several Union Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Chief Ministers and Bureaucrats for the first time in Indian history. The Central Vigilance Commission, recently re-structured by the Govt. of India, is also the product of his court case titled 'Vineet Narain & Ors. Vs Union of India & Ors.'.

Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, a young CA and socially active with many organisations of Delhi.

Program Coordinator
Mr. Rajan Sanghi, an IIT graduate, involved in automobile trade and is also the member of the Alumni Association of the IIM (Ahmedabad).

Col. C. M. Ramakrishnan (Rtd.) of Transparency International (India).

Hon'ble Members of the Advisory Committee, PVC :
Prof. Anand Kumar of JNU, has been President of the Student's Unions at BHU (Varanasi) & JNU (New Delhi) in 1970s. He was President and Gen. Secretary of Teacher's Associations at JNU and BHU respectively. During the emergency he posed a challenge to the Indian govt. by campaigning against emergency in USA where he was studying on scholarship. His scholarship was cancelled and he was ordered to come back.
Prof. Ashish Nandi, well known intellectual and Director of CSDS, where serious studies on the magnitude and impact of corruption have been undertaken.
Mr. Avinash Dharmadhikari, who gave up his job as PS to the present Chief Minister of Maharashtra and also resigned from IAS at a very young age. He is actively involved in mobilising the youths of Maharashtra through his Chanakya Mandals.
Ms. Alka Ranjan Mohanty, is a Master in Linguistics from Delhi University and is free-lance journalist. She regularly contributes to India Abroad from Patna. She is actively associated with people's theatre groups in Bihar.
Dr. B.D. Sharma, former IAS officer of exemplary conduct, An Ex-SC/ST Commissioner, who was instrumental in getting a parliamentary bill passed in favour of tribal autonomy. He is involved in strengthening the tribal councils and 'Apna Gaon Apna Raj' movement.
Mr. Jaspal Singh, Ex- Police Commissioner of Baroda.
Mr. M.C. Mehta, well-known environmentalist, Magsaysay award winner and Supreme Court lawyer.
Dr. Chintamohan, former Union Minister.
Mr. Sanjiv Shah, a young engineer who along with his 150 dedicated professional young associates, is spreading the message of patriotism.
Ms. Sudha Bharadwaj, who was educated in England and at IIT, Kanpur, has dedicated her life to the trade union movement in the Chhatisgarh region of MP.
Mr. Sudhir Gandotra an expert in information technology and one of the key members of the Humanist Movement.
Dr. Suresh Khairnar, who was instrumental in the formation of National Alliance of People's Movement, a well-known crusader for communal harmony and social justice.
Mr. Sushil Pandit, a well-known media consultant, who designed the campaign for Mr.A.B.Vajpayee and BJP during the 1998 & 1999 Lok Sabha elections. He has been active with ABVP in the 1980s at Delhi.
Mr. Thomas Kochery, Coordinator of NAPM and Chairman of World Fishermen's Federation. He recently refused to accept an international award of 200 thousand US $ (over Rs.80 Lacs) because the money was coming from those who are polluting the sea water.
Mr. Vijay Shankar Pandey, Former Commissioner from UP, who has spearheaded a campaign against his colleagues by naming the most corrupt IAS officer of the UP cadre. He is committed to ensure administrative accountability. Currently in the Ministry of HRD.
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