Kalchakra's pioneering work in video journalism

In 80's when there was only one TV channel i.e. Doordarshan When TV news was totally controlled by the government, When the critics of the govt. had no outlet to air their views on TV, When the TV news was merely a propaganda, When none thought of it, Disillusioned with the bureaucratic control on his investigative TV show titled 'Sach Ki Parchain' on Doordarshan, it's anchor person Vineet Narain decided to launch Kalchakra - India's first Hindustani TV news on video. From its inception Kalchakra raised serious issues of public concern and created nationwide ripples in 90's. Kalchakra had no financial or political backing, yet it made a name for its bold journalistic work.

The noted film maker Mr. BR Chopra wrote after watching Kalchakra video in 1990

The media commented :

Indian Express, April 8th 1990
Kalchakra has shorter items and makes them more crisp and punchy. What is more Kalchakra picks up topics, which Doordarshan would or could not touch with a barge pole.

Sunday Mail April 11, 1990
The problem with this news magazine (Kalchakra) is that perhaps it is too bold. It tries to point the accusing finger in the right direction.

Dainik Jagran, March 1990
Kalchakra's quest of the truth behind sensitive and burning issues marks definitely the beginning of a new era in the field of TV. journalism

.Aaj, January 11th 1990
Kalchakra is the result of Vineet Narain's committed and honest efforts to give right the direction to video journalism. It is definitely a step worth appreciating in the field of video journalism ...... It is a daring stride in the field of communication.

Amar Ujala, April 16th 1990
Kalchakra is raising those issues before the people, which are being ignored by national media

Aaj Kal, April 1990
By releasing just two video cassettes, Kalchakra has created a storm every where.

A&M (Advertising & Marketing), April, 1990
The outfit started out with a simple aim : to fulfil the gap left by the absence of a Hindi video news cassette. Short of money but not of motivation a number of journalists and technicians have been working voluntarily

Vishwamanav, March 8th 1990
The way Kalchakra reports expose the harsh realities of our society and political reality represents the voice of objective video journalism.

The Statesman, Aug 20th 1991
The discussion on 'Hindu Rashtra : myth or reality', organized by Kalchakra video magazine was attended by Mr. CP Thakur, Ms. Uma Bharti, Mr. MM Joshi, Mr. Vasant Sathe, Mr. George Fernandes, Mr. Govindacharya, Prof. Imtiaz Ahmed of JNU, Mr. Girilal Jain, noted journalist, generated heated debate.

Translated from Hindi.

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